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Bismihi Ta'ala

Allhuma Shalli ala Muhammad wa Ali Muhammad

Allah and His Messenger Muhammad Saww order moslems wherever they are to build mosques. How wonderful and happy moslems are if they possess worshipping means which are sufficient to their existence.
We, Al-Jawad The Foundation Of Islamic Studies along with Nurul Falah The Mosque Family Council, Gegerkalong Girang Bandung, want to have an Islamic Center which sufficiently supports the activities to serve needy moslem societies.
Recently , We keep on trying to develop islamic studies and missions. Nurul Falah Mosque was built in 1967. The first mosque renovation was done in 1992. And then in 1997 it was supplemented by suppoting means for secretarial activities and teaching and learning rooms. Alhamdulilah, these supporing means have been completed, because of wise followers’participatations.Yet, the Mosque renovation should be finished soon.
Expecting the blessing and mercy of God and doing tawassul to the final Messanger Saww as well as his Ahlul bayts, We invite donators to take part in this renovation.
May Allah Swt repay their generousity with multiplied repayment.

Amin yaa Robbal ‘Alamin.
Thank you very much. Jazakumullahu Khairun Katsiro.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.

Bandung, 1 March 2000/24 Dzulqoidah 1420

The Chief of Al Jawad Islamic Foundation

Husein Muhammad Al-Kaff
The Chief of Nurul Falah Mosque

Drs. H. Didi Hasbiadi


"Ones activating God’s mosques are the ones who believe in Allah and the Hereafter as well as perform prayers, submit zakat and are not afraid except to Allah.Due to this, may they get the guidance". (At-Taubah:18)

" You are the best people who are born to human beings, order the right things and forbid the wrong things. And you believe in Allah". (Al-Imran: 110)

Nurul Falah Mosque, located in Gegerkalong Girang street RT 03 RW 06 number 92 Isola distric, Sukasari Subdistrict Bandung , has been built since 1967 on the 549m2, included boarding rooms. Lately, it can not function well. It is caused by the development of population and its serrounding which demand enough means to back up the function of mosque and its role.
Nurul Falah Mosque building has been renovated since its building in 1992 and completed by supporting facilities in 1997. But this is not able to fulfill the increasing and suppresing necessities. Hence, it strengthen the desire and intention of Mosque Family Council (DKM), Al-Jawad Islamic Foundation as well as nearby societies. We hope this mosque can be use effectively by coming generations.

Below, We show you the activities held by YPI Al-Jawad – DKM Nurul Falah according to the made divisions.

1. DKM Nurul Falah
Nurul Falah Mosque is of functions as :

  1. The place of daily worships, on Fridays and the other historic islamic days.
  2. The media of communication between ulama and ulama , society and society.
  3. Madrasah Diniyyah with its 75 students.
  4. The mothers’weekly activities held three times a week and attended by 100 participants.
  5. The teenagers’ weekly islamic studies attended by approximately 50 teenagers and university students.
  6. The belief improvement and Thursday’s evening prayer.
  7. The moslems journalistic course.
  8. The semesterly, quarterly and Ramadhan islamic scram course from junior high school students until university students from many institutions of education.
  9. The course of khatib and da’i cadre.
  10. The guidance for nearby mosques.
  11. The moslem teenager’s musabaqoh all over Bandung municipality.
  12. The mass circumcision.
  13. The wedding covenant aniversary.
  14. The place that receives and distribute zakat, infaq, shadaqoh and others.

The activities above need a lot of supports in order to preserve the role and function of Nurul Falah Mosque. So that’s why we need the following facilities :

  1. Wide buildings which hold the increasing jama’ah.
  2. Classrooms to teaching learning activities.
  3. Boarding rooms for regular students.

2. Education And Training Division.

  1. Jama’ah can understand the principle of islamic teaching.
  2. Jama’ah can undestand the clasical islamic studies and madzhab comparison.
  3. Jama’ah can understand the perspective of Islam about contemporer issues.


  1. Majlis Ta’lim
  2. Weekly islamic studies (majlis ta’lim) using standard books and discussing basic knowledge .
    1.1 Aqidah : Friday, at 17.00 – 18.00
    1.2 Fiqh : Saturday, at 17.00 –18.00
    1.3 Philosophy : Sunday, at 17.00 – 18.00
    1.4 Arabic :Thursday, Wednesday, Thursday, 17.00 – 18.00

  3. Lecture Package
  4. Such a package is in the form of lectures with certain materials that can be completed in certain time , around 20 x 120 minutes for total meetings.
    In this 2000 , we make the following programs :
    2.1 Teology
    2.2 Irfan

  5. Monthly Discussion
  6. The monthly discussion is the discussion which present competent figures and discuss contemporer issues. Its participants are university students and common people

3. General Division.

  1. Holding administration and the household affairs of the foundation
  2. Holding information system
  3. Improving human resource
  4. Optimalizing facilities usage
  5. Holding a library
  6. Holding the household affairs
  7. Holding communication with islamic boarding schools, and other institutions(public relation)

4. Publishing Division and Publication.

  1. Publishing monthly bulletin
  2. Publishing books (5 tytles)

5. Akhwat Division

  1. They master important knowledge for their daily activities , especially fiqh, child education and health
  2. They have horizons concerning with contemporer issues
  3. They can support the goals of YPI Al-Jawad generally.
  4. They can do good relation among them (silaturahmi)

Programs :

  1. A regular study in the Sunday evening
  2. A general study
  3. Islamic scram course
  4. Developng horizon programs
  5. Consumption supplyings

Place and Building Location

The address of Nurul Falah Mosque-Al Jawad Islamic Foundation is :
JL. Gegerkalong Girang No. 92 RT.03 RW.06
Telp. +62 (22) 2016679 - 2004650
Kelurahan (distric): Isola
Kecamatan(subdistric ): Sukasari
Municipality : Bandung
Indonesia 40154
PO. BOX 1536 Bandung 40122
e-mail: or

Fund Resources

Money (zakat mal , infak, wakaf) from :

  1. Regular donators
  2. Nurul falah communy
  3. institutions, organizations,untied companies
  4. General moslems
  5. In the form of money (for the buildingmaterials)according to the needed expendetures
  6. Other legal an untied attempts 

HSBC (The Hongkong and Shanghai Bancking Corporation) Cabang Bandung
Number : 005-040936-086 a.n Alkaff Husein

The Detail Cost of The Renovation

A. Land (at the side of street)

The wide of land (140 m2) and building are Rp 219,600,000.00 or US$ 31,371.42

B. The Calculaction of Building Cost
(Based on the standard of BAPENAS in 1996-1997)
  1. The Further mosque building:
    1. Second floor: 308,16 m2 x Rp 450,000.00 = Rp 138,672,000.00
    2. The second floor ceiling: 432,00 x Rp 450,000.00 = Rp 194,400,000.00 (+)

    Total =Rp 333,072,000.00 or US$ 47,581.71

  2. Cost Recapitulation :
    1. The release of land and building = Rp 219,600,000.00
    2. The further mosque building = Rp 333,072,000.00 (+)

    Total =Rp 552,672,000.00 or US$ 78,953.14

Thus, the total cost is :
    1. The release of land and building = Rp 219,600,000.00
    2. The further mosque building = Rp 333,072,000.00
    3. Unpredicted cost = Rp 55,267,200.00

Total = Rp 607,939,200.00

US$ 86,848.45

Counted : six hundred and seven milion nine hundred thirty nine thousands two hundred rupiahs or eighty six thousand eight hundred fourty eight point fourty five dolar america

Note: 1 US$ = Rp 7,000.00

Mosque Picture Will be Build



Left and Right Side



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